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The cancellation of pre-agreed appointments is free of charge at least 24 hours before the beginning of the therapy. Otherwise, 70% of the cost of therapy will be charged.Thank you for your understanding! Step by Step team

Intensive Therapy



Individual Physical Training

This training is organized at least once a week, which takes 1,5 hours. It includes more development area such as motor coordination, balance development, improving general physical condition etc. Regular exercise is very important for those whose motor development is normal and for the people with CP too. We reccomend as the addition of the Intensive Training in order to maintain the achieved results, and also to experience the joy of movement.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy is recommended for children under 10 years of age, at least once a week or additon of the Intensive Therapy.

This Therapy helps children with learning and neurological disorders. Furthermore it develops the motor coordination, body scheme and helps the self-experience thus making the child more self reliant. The therapy developes the vestibular-propioception-and tactile system, thereby improving neural connections, the development of difficult movements and to integrate them.


CP program for adulst

Our CP adults program includes the following diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Stroke (hemiplegia). We organize the therapies in groups, with 2-5 clients. The groups are made  according the diagnosis and condition. One therapy takes two and a half hours, and includes physical traning, hand therapy and cognitive development (if necessary).







Posture correction therapy

The result of the daily sedentary lifestyle is poor posture and the development of different deformities. The weakened back muscles are leading to a change of the physical curves. (this is what we call poor posture).

The posture correction exercises’ goal is to move the spine go in static position, and make the back muscles stronger.

The therapy takes 60 minutes, where we work on the superficial and deep back muscles as a basis and on the CORE muscles during special exercises. Furthermore we practise to keep the correct posture.

Recommended for all ages.

Flat foot (pes planus) Therapy

The flat foot is caused by the susidence of the arch. It happens mostly because of muscle weakness of the muscles which keep the arch.

The therapy’s goal is to make these muscles stronger , and this way correct the foot structure. The therapy takes 60 minutes, where we move the joints, and make the affected muscles stronger in an easy, playful way.We improve the balance and coordination skills.

The therapy reccomended for children ages 3-16.




Hand Therapy

Our goal in the Hand Therapy is to improve the hand-eye coordination and the fine motor skills. Furthermore we focus on the upper limbs movement, such as increasing the muscle strength when throwing, etc.

We reccomend this therapy for those children, whose hand function is not age appropriate.(problem with pencil grip, pinch, etc.)

We also recommend the therapy for adults whose nervous system has been damaged, affecting some hand movements, making the daily routine movements more difficult.




Kinesio Tape

The Kinesio Tape continuosly stimulates the receptors through the skin for several days, and this way helps the body’s own healing process. Thanks for the Tape the affected area regenerates faster. In case of Intensive Therapy there is no fees  for taping (once a week). We offer 24 hours guarantee for our own Kinesio Tape.

Baby massage

The baby massage course is organized in groups or in individual form. The course consists of 5 sessions if taken as a group, 3 sessions if taken individually. In the course you will be taught the history and the effects of the massage, and you will learn different methods.

The positive effects of the massage for babies and parents are invaluable. If you use it regulary, then it promotes the physical and mental development of the babies, it stimulates the functioning of vital organs (circulation, breathing, digestion). It helps in the relaxation and to relieve stress. Thanks to the positive effects, the numbers of restless nights may decrease. The emotional attachment between baby and parent is deepened, which is the base of trust and respect towards each other.


Baby-mother therapy

This therapy is recommended for babies ages 3-24 months. We organize the exercise in groups (beginner and advanced). During the therapy we practise the elemental movement patterns (rolling, creeping, crawling); we focus on the developmental delays, and work on the motor coordination. We introduce the joy of music for the babies in a playful way through rhymes, songs, musical instruments and games.

The therapy takes 60 minutes, with 2-5 children/group.


The Intensive Therapy is an individual training, which takes at least one wek. During the therapy we use (depending on the condition of the client) TheraSuit. One therapy session is 1,5; 2 or 2,5 hours long, depending on the capacity of the client. Thanks to the intensity of the therapy, a marked change can be observed in the client’s performance.

Prices :


1,5 hour/s occaison: 41 EUR    1 week: 203 EUR  

2 hours/ occaison: 51 EUR     1 week: 254 EUR

2,5 hours/ occaison: 63 EUR   1 week: 314 EUR


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1 hour/occasion: 20 EUR

45 minutes/ocassion: 17 EUR

In Group, 1 hour/occasion: 10 EUR (max. 2-3 person)




1 hours/occasion: 20 EUR

1,5 hours/occasion: 26 EUR



1 hour/occasion: 20 EUR


1 hour/occasion: 20 EUR


10 EUR/ taping (24 hour guarantee).


10 EUR/occasion


Individual:  1 hour/occasion: 20 EUR

In group: 1 hour/occasion: 7 EUR

1147 Budapest, Gyarmat utca 99/b.

Phone:+36 30 293 3853


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2 hours/occasion: 52 EUR




1 hour/occasion:  20 EUR


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